Sevak & Janin

Ruben has such an amazing talent for capturing ‘moments’ which is exactly what we wanted on our wedding day.
It’s not the formal photos that remind you how great your day was – it’s the natural fun and excitement that is so important to be documented. Ruben’s ability not to miss a moment is incredible, and his energy and passion comes across in the photos.
He is able to blend in so well that your guests and literally will not realise they’re being photographed. We could not recommend Ruben more”.

Thank you so much!!  :))

Mher & Ester

The most amazing experience i have ever had!!!! Thank you Ruben jan for an amazing day and a lot of wonderful pictures!!!

Сергей и Асмик

Хочу сказать огромное спасибо за вашу работу! Очень довольна ! Спасибо за дружелюбие! Спасибо за все фотографии, которые возвращают меня в мой любимый день! Мне понравилось что вы не только занимались работой на свадьбе,но и сотрудничали со мной,слышали меня. Ещё раз спасибо !

Nona & David

Ruben is a master of his job. We called him for our wedding. The excellence of his work is with no shadow of doubt. Such a punctual person he is. Knows exactly at what time to organize things to have the greatest results and satisfied clients. He isn't a merely photographer but he is gem of a person , as well. He is well aware of the postures needed to be done from any angle. Now, at times my husband and I are looking at our photographs and relishing those days. Thank you Ruben for making our day even more special by giving us such pleasant memories....

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